Why Saudi

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a population as of July 2010 estimated to be 25,731,776 is the richest country in the Middle East region. According to Bloomberg Business Week, KSA has around 170,000 Millionaires and is ranked 19 among countries the most millionaires in 2010.
Over 35% of Middle East FX retail traders are living in Saudi Arabia and invest an average of 35,000 USD in FX trading over the course of their trading experience.

Stayconnected has interviewed over 500 potential FX investors in KSA and has compiled the following statistics about main interest for Saudi FX investors when choosing their FX Broker.

1) Face to Face interaction
2) Safety of funds and easy deposit and withdrawal mechanism
3) Proper advisory and education material
4) Recommendations and daily market research
5) Ease of use of trading software
6) Execution
7) Mobile Trading capability
8) Margin Requirements
9) Spreads
10) Currencies and products offered


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